So, Why a Website? A very good question… and in truth there are literally hundreds of reasons why your company would benefit from having a Website.

Why A Website?Here’s four very good reasons:

  •  10,000 times more information than a Television commercial.
  •  Websites are on show 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  •  Set-up and up-keep costs are all very low
  •  Allow you to sell your Products and Promote your business worldwide.

A website needs to be carefully designed to get your message across in the most efficient way, because your website’s purpose is to sell. It exists to create long-term, repeat buyers. Its purpose could be to create a product sale or to generate leads to advertise your services or to educate potential customers.

Many business owners have been persuaded that what’s needed is a technological solution to a technological problem. This has led to website’s that are hard for visitors to find their way around and are very costly to maintain. If your website has too many graphics it will become cumbersome and will definitely be slow to load.

A good website is much more about business and marketing strategy than it is about underlying technology.

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