Graphic Design Service GloucesterFlat design is a simple design trend that exercises minimalistic techniques such as, long shadows, vivid colours and two dimensional icons. One of the key points of flat design is the usability, emphasizing in UI and web design.

Who are the Trend Setters?

Apple are in my opinion the most influential factor in latest design trends andshowed this when IOS7 was released, stepping away from their trad

itional skeuomorphic design interface which had dominated IOS until recent. They stepped into a more simplistic and clean UI, allowing users to navigate much easier through their iDevices.

Does Simple mean unimaginative?

Flat means simple, simple means easy to interpret. Universal icons are a big part of flat design which allows people to easily understand them and this is vital when it comes to UI and web design.

How can you use this in your work?

All images must be extremely simple and include various flat traits, sans serif typefaces can provide a clean, simplistic detail. Make sure links are clear and visible.

hanks for reading….

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