Website Designers – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

website designersThe website design industry has acquired a bad reparation over the past ten years because every tom, dick and harry has started designing and developing websites. Some of the stories I hear and some of the websites I see are very disappointing. Individuals and companies spending large amounts of money and ending up with next to nothing to show for it or a website that will never generate any enquiries or revenue.

Here is a general summery and breakdown of what to look out for…

The Good

There are a small minority of companies that are genuine and provide a first class service. They have your interests at heart and understand your individual needs has a business or organisation. They have a clear portfolio and do not build websites for £50.00 all in.

These companies also have search engine optimisation skills “SEO” so when the website is complete and goes live you will actually have visitors and will earn a revenue from the online concept that has been created for you. The online business model will be mobile responsive and will look the same on all web browsers and platforms. They will also be able to write code and can offer bespoke functionally to your website if required. They work as a registered business with clear testimonials and have an office address that they work from.

The Bad

These are a group of individuals who have jumped on the band wagon to cash in on what they think is easy money. This does not apply to all but print designers, graphic designers and print companies are a classic example for this. The printing industry has been slowly disappearing for a long time due to so much being done online. With many print companies going out of business and others looking to extend their services in other areas like website design, it causes a problem. The problem is they are not getting trained fully and where a lot of people can produce pretty graphics they lack a technical mind. Most individuals seem to be one or the other. So from here you end up with a website that looks like a cheesy leaflet with no functionality and broken links and no SEO at all.

Has I travel around the internet or get called in to rescue a business who is not happy with their website design (and I use that word loosely) I can tell straight away when it has not been produced by a professional website design.

The Ugly

Bedroom designers are by far the worst of the website design industry. These are normally individuals working from their bedroom or converted garage, designing rubbish, developing nothing and with no SEO skills what’s so ever. This group also includes people who are stuck in unhappy full time employment and are looking for what they think is an easy way out. These individuals do not come from a business background and will not understand what your online business model is, even when you spell it out.

One of the main problems is after a couple of years they gain a few customers find they are not millionaires and then go back to full time employment leaving unpaid hosting bills on client websites which of course then get suspended, the client then loses their money, their website and all their data.

If you have lost a website, I offer a website recovery service

Tips when seeking a website designer

Make sure:

  • they develop towards current website standards i.e it needs to be mobile responsive and works on all web platforms
  • they have a plan of action in the event of economic problems
  • the domain name is owned by you, especially if they are registering it on your behalf
  • you have a backup copy of the website yourself including the database and final graphics, after all you are paying for it!
  • They have an understanding of SEO and offer some guarantees with Google listing

Magpie Image cover all the bullet points  – I hope this helps when you are looking for a website designer for your business

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