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Training Courses Cheltenham

18 years experience with a wealth of tips and expertise, learn from people who do this for a living!

Our courses are based mainly around the graphic design industry including web, print and image editing, and we have an outstanding reputation for professionalism and value. We have been working in the industry for 18 years and are considered to be a leading authority in website and graphic design on many different platforms.

We can put training days together that are a combination of 2 or 3 courses…

“Tell me and i will forget, show me and i may remember, involve me and i will understand”

The courses are delivered at our training suite in the centre of Cheltenham near the docks, where we have excellent facilities and can be very flexible with dates and times including weekends. The courses are available to the public, students, and to businesses and are customised to your needs. You are very welcome to bring your own content and projects with you to work on. We will make sure that our training works for you. If you would like to find out more about how our courses could help your business or personal projects, we would love to hear from you.

“Not only will you find our training educational, it will also inspire you”

We have worked with many schools, colleges, and education centres in Cheltenhamshire and throughout the UK.

Staff Training, Cheltenhamshire

In a modern economy like our own the nature of work is constantly changing. New technologies mean that new work skills are required. To succeed in business, companies need to be very flexible about how they work, and to change the range of skills they use.

Taking the time to invest in proper training for your staff can only benefit your business as a whole including, better overall quality of the performance of your business and being cost effective doing jobs in house rather than outsourcing.

Teacher Training

At Magpie Image we offer teacher training to school and college professionals. Our courses can be tailored to your requirements depending on what you are trying to achieve with the software and the lessons you are delivering. We can help you put a course together for your students.