Shooting in RAW Explained

As an amateur photographer or professional you should be taking advantage of taking photos in RAW.

RAW is now on most modern cameras whatever its price range.

There are 100’s of advantages using RAW, below is a few to think about.

Shooting in RAW Explained

Easy Correction of Over and Under Exposed Photos

If you are taking large amounts of photos in quick succession at an event or a wedding you are likely to end up with a few exposure issues. Shooting in RAW will make this easy to correct as all the data has been collected and those all important photos will look great.

Better Quality

When a photo is taken in RAW it collects all the data from the senor of the camera giving you the very highest quality image and much better end results.

Greater Detail

Photos taken in RAW give you much more detail to play with in the post editing moments, because RAW captures everything

Levels of Brightness

The levels of brightness in a photo are very important, the more levels the better the photo. A Jpeg image records 256 levels and a RAW image records between 4,096 to 16,384 levels.

Easily Adjust White Balance

With RAW the white balance can be adjusted after the photo has been taken. The white balance and colours are essential to taken great photos and RAW gives you many options.

Post Editing

Using a software product like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom, you will have full control over the editing process in the comfort of your own home or office. The RAW file is a source file of your photo from which you then produce your Jpeg or Tiff image. This means you have many options and an original RAW file as a backup.

We offer Photoshop tuition if you would like to learn more about post editing and RAW.

I hope this helps with making you mind up and giving RAW a go on your next photo shoot. 

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