Google Developers Mobile Friendly TestAs popular as ever Google was reported to have over 85% of the market share for search engines in the UK last year (Statista) so having a SEO tailored to Googles needs is a smart strategy. But what of the other 15% – who are they? How significant are they?

Well Microsoft operated and owned Bing is the second most used search engine with just under a 10% market share. But with the growing number of Windows phones, Firefox defaulting to Yahoo powered by Bing and Apples SIRI using Bing as a default search engine this is not one to ignore. Sources also indicate that Bing users tend to spend more than Google users and pay per click is cheaper on Bing. There are also suggestions that Bing enjoys a lower bounce rate.

So don’t fall into the trap of believing that if you are ranking well with Google that Bing will automatically follow suit. There are technical factors that make Bing different from Google too. They operate using different algorithms with Bing not perhaps having the same creative responses to Google should you miss spell a search item but it is widely acknowledged that with its infinite scroll feature Bing handles images better.

What about the rest?

Duck Duck Go with its emphasis on privacy and lack of user profile building is a reasonably popular open source created search engine with 13,000,000 – Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors (Ebizmba) . Ask! Is still out there along with AOL.

Global Markets

Khoj in India, Baidu in China, there are numerous Country specific, product or service specific search engines to consider too depending upon your particular market. An eye opening trip to is a good collection of smaller more focussed search engines across the Globe.

Getting Google right is undoubtedly the industry goal with regards to good SEO – but keep in mind the millions of potential customers who may prefer not to use Google for whatever reason!

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