Mozilla Firefox and its Useful Add-ons

Mozilla Firefox and its Useful Add-onsAs a website design and development company Magpie Image use most of the Internet browsers available to check that our websites work on them all.

The most popular ones being:

  • Google Chrome (currently the most popular)
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari

We also check mobile devices like Apple iPhone and IPad, Microsoft and various Android platforms

As a developer we found the best browser for development work is Mozilla Firefox, simply because of its useful add-ons

Below is a list of the ones we use:

  • Colour Zilla – Advanced Eye Dropper, Colour Picker
  • Easy Copy – Simple way to copy content and useful information when required
  • Firebug – Great way to find what code is doing what for easy editing
  • Measureit – For measuring banners and items on a page
  • Wappalyzer – Will tell you what software is running on a server
  • Web Developer – Adds various website development tools
Mozilla Firefox and its useful add-ons

Mozilla Firefox and its useful add-ons

Check them out, I am sure you will find them very useful

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