Mobile App Development

Mobile technology has revolutionised the way we work on a day-to-day basis, and mobile applications are a crucial part of it. Businesses around the globe have developed apps to allow for a better way to communicate with their potential consumers and already established clients.

Magpie Image offers a bespoke service that allows you to have full control over the app you want to create, whether its a brochure app which allows users to browse through a catalogue of items, or an informative app which allows users to receive regular push notifications about news and other topics; Magpie Image can design the perfect app for you. Our Mobile Applications (Apps) will connect to your company systems, databases and networks and will work on all iOS, Android, Windows phone, HTML5, and Hybrid devices.

Mobile APP Development Cheltenham

There are 1000’s of ways that Mobile Apps can work within your business, and by linking up with your current data and website – deliver a platform that synchronises your technology strategy.

We can also produce stand alone Mobile Applications or publicly available Apps to sell / download on the Apple App Store, Newsstand and Google Play.