What is JavaScript?

What is JavaScriptJavaScript was developed by Netscape and was first released in 1996 with Navigator 2 . JavaScript was the first Web scripting language to be released and is still one of the the most popular scripting languages around. It is designed to work closely with HTML. At it’s most basic, you can simply stick a couple of extra commands into an HTML tag and suddenly your writing JavaScript. Taken to it’s limits, JavaScript has almost as much functionality as full blown programming languages like C. The basics of JavaScript are easy to learn. With this tutorial you will be writing your own basic scripts by page 3!

What’s the difference between JavaScript & Java?

Java is a programming language developed by Sun Microsystems. It is used for building Java Applets, which are programs that can be run inside a web browser. Javascript, on the other hand, is simply designed to add interactivity to a web page. Java and JavaScript are two entirely different products. Remember that when you are out shopping for books!

What can JavaScript do?

  • With JavaScript we can…
  • Add Rollover Buttons to our web pages.
  • Control and rotate Banner Adverts.
  • Stick annoying scrolling messages in the status bar.
  • Detect what browser your visitor is using and automatically redirect them to suitable pages.
  • Build shopping carts and validate the contents of forms.
  • Scare the Hell out of your visitors with spurious pop up alert boxes.
  • Create great navigation systems using drop down menu’s and the like.
  • Greet your visitors by name (if they have registered at your site previously), time of day etc.
  • Build all sorts of clocks, calendars and countdown devices.
    …….and much, much more.

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