Intranet Design Gloucester

Intranet Design and Development

Magpie Image builds bespoke intranets to run in house or remotely. We can design around your requirements and install the system for you. Intranets are increasingly becoming more-and-more popular in businesses, because they can offer some distinct advantages over other communication systems within a company.

  • Connections could be made across a company, as well as to staff offsite and working from home.
  • No need to hire programmers to create bespoke software, or buying expensive off-the-shelf applications.
  • Essential changes and amendments can be made with ease and very quickly.
  • Such a site could be read by anyone working with any sort of computer anywhere (cross-platform)
  • Different data can be shared with different staff members on different levels by using a login system
Intranet Design

Do we need an Intranet?

Its all about communication and sharing of information – that is what intranets do.

Here are a few thoughts:

  • Do your staff get frustrated by the barriers of software and/or hardware?
  • Do your departments keep things to themselves and its a fight to get anything you need?
  • Do your staff spend hours every week exchanging documents?

Intranet ideas:

  • Memos or documents for staff to access
  • Documents not for everyone
  • Company Latest News
  • FAQ’s
  • Useful Contacts etc
  • Holidays & Calendars
  • Useful links to websites
  • Vacancies
  • Forum / Blogs
  • Staff Offers
  • Image Library
  • Employee Training
  • Various Forms to be filled in
  • And just about anything you need.

What can we put into an Intranet for you?