Over the years mobiles have completely revolutionized the way we live, talk and work.

So does having a Mobile Responsive Website make a difference?

Mobile Responsive Websites / Google Friendly! Website Design GloucesterAlmost everyone has a smart phone today and these devices allow us to take photos, view social media and surf the web. Nowadays most of us google things, trying to find a answer to a question or just simply looking for a service in our area. In January 2013 22% of total website visits were made on a mobile or tablet device. In December 2013 that statistic increased to around 37%.

So this means that nearly over 40% of potential clients or customers are visiting websites on a mobile.

How can my website be mobile responsive?

There are 2 different ways that you can make your website more mobile responsive, the first is to create a mobile web app, this technique requires a small piece of script in the head of your desktop website which then will redirect the people visiting your website on a mobile to a separate page, this page you can now create to be fully mobile compatible and let mobile users navigate much easier than your original website.

The second technique is to have a fully responsive website, by choosing this technique your website will automatically shrink itself according to the screen size, just like our website.

For more information on responsive websites, or to get a quote on a responsive website please click HERE >>

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