How to create a Newsletter

Getting a Grip

website design newsletterHow often do you check your email in-box and immediately move items to the recycle bin without even opening them? Your time is precious and you don’t want to waste it reading things you don’t remember signing up for – so how do you go about producing something that someone else will want to read and not just drag and drop into the bin? Well, for starters you will need a subject line that piques your readers interest so go for a statement that gets their attention rather than simply announcing the arrival of ‘Our Newsletter 39’!

Keep it Short and Simple

Unless you are really confident that you have genuinely compelling material that will keep the reader engrossed, keep your newsletters short and regular. A monthly rather than weekly  burst of useful information from you will be easier to digest and less likely to irritate. Of course the  occasional extra issue to announce fire-sales, new products or burning issues is also a great way of keeping your brand and services alive in the minds of your customer and potential customer base.

Hello Good-Looking

Keep your layout simple and clear. Strong headings in a contrasting colour and an easy to read font style will invite the reader to dive in. Adding a bright eye catching image will further enhance the reader experience. Keep a file if newsletters that you have received and liked, and before you bin items from your in-box take another look at them and ask yourself why? – absorbing this information should help you determine what is likely to work for you. Try creating your newsletter quickly, this will help to keep it shorter, sweeter and to the point but do make sure that you take your time editing it!

Reaping the Rewards

If you get it right, the return will be well worth the effort – not only is it a superb way to keep in touch with your existing customers, if they like what you have produced it is likely to be forwarded to their colleagues and friends too making it a marvellously personal and direct way to reach potential customers.

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