Here is a few tips for Designing Mobile Friendly Websites

The Design must be simple!

Mobile Responsive Website Design Services GloucesterThe screen of a mobile is a lot smaller than the screen of a laptop, make sure you have a lot of space between links to avoid users ‘tapping’ the wrong link. On mobile sites its much more important to consider how well the user can navigate more than the overall design.

Content is King

Study’s prove that people are more likely to read something if it has been split up into small sentences rather than big clumps of text. Users are interested in your contact information so have it ready for them, make it easy for them to get too.

Single column layouts rule!

On a desktop site you have lots of options in regards to layout but on a mobile Its much easier for touch screen users to navigate through one single column rather than trying to navigate through multiple columns.

Use Social Media

Most mobile users are more likely to follow and ‘like’ your social media pages, so make sure that you have this in your site, make it easy for the user to share content from your social media feeds.

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