Creating a Professional LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a perfect networking tool that will help you achieve your professional goals. It’s a great tool to use for your new or mature business, a non-profit making organisation or if you are putting yourself and your CV out there looking for a career or career change.

Professional Linkedin Profile AdviceLinkedIn offers a unique opportunity to promote yourself or your business on a professional platform. Twitter and Facebook seem to be a free for all of tweets and posts of 90% of personal material, most of which are things you really do not want to see or completely unrelated.

Below are a few ideas from which you can enhance your professional LinkedIn profile and its look and feel.

LinkedIn offers a completion wizard to help you fill out all the blanks. You will need to complete your profile with photo, past education, work experience, current employer and position and general skills. 

First things first – Turn off Activity Broadcast before making changes

If you’ve had a LinkedIn account for a while and are connected with people, updating your profile will notify everyone with the changes you are making. By turning off your activity broadcast you can make the changes privately and then switch it back on later.

Profile Headline

Using keywords in your headline is very important and will help people searching for you on LinkedIn’s database. The keywords should consist of your professional services, for an example: “Website Designer located in Gloucester”. The headline gives yourself a professional identity to showcase some of the more detailed parts of your profile hidden away from viewers who are not connected to you. 


It goes without saying you need to be truthful at all times, do not tell fibs on your profile as you will eventual get caught out.

Spelling, Grammar &Text

Proofread your profile for spelling and grammar to make sure it all makes sense. Make sure you do not rabbit on to much about how wonderful you are, but at the same time make sure that they can see that. Remember future business or employment can come from the first impression you make on your profile so make sense and have good communication. It is also worth having someone else to proofread it for you.

Your Profile Photo

Has previously explain LinkedIn is a Professional place, so do not put a photo of your pet dog or your children up as the profile photo. Use a clear head shot, preferable in smart dress code.

Change your URL

Your LinkedIn profile URL will consist of alphanumerical characters and sometimes numbers. It’s a good idea to change this to something more professional and clear. You will be able to find this by going to Settings > Edit Public Profile > Customize Your Public Profile URL. It’s a good idea to keep it simple, here is an example:

Join LinkedIn Group

Groups on LinkedIn are a great way to interact and to share and participate in a professional interests. These groups include job seekers, universities, associations and just about every kind of industry you can think of from all around the world.

I Hope this has been of some help to you…

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