Choosing a Business Name for your company or corporate identityWhen doing the research for your new business name you will need to think carefully for both legal and marketing purposes.

A great name could prove to be your most powerful branding tool, so naming your business requires a lot of consideration.

What’s in a name? The modern business world has changed so much and a name is no longer the thing that just goes on a business card or name plaque. Your business name has the potential to be seen all around on the internet and of course social media. Here are a few steps to help you when thinking about the business name.
What type of name you want?

There are only a few categories of a company name:

First is the “first name and surname” or place name
Second are the made up names
Third you have evocative names from everyday objects (Orange or Apple).

The type of name you will choose should reflect your type of business. Think about the names of businesses you will be competing with and think about how your customers would feel about using your potential name to decide which type of brand you want. From here you should be able to build a shortlist.
The Companies House check

Next step for the naming process should be the Companies House website where you can check whether the names you have chosen for your company are already taken. They also have a great App for this that I have used on an iPad.
Is the Domain Name is available?

You will also need to check that you can get a website which is more or less in line with the company name. For UK companies trading largely in the UK it is still the case that a URL is what your customers will expect to see. You will also want to defensively register variants of the name. For a UK business it is always a good idea to get both and .com – Search online for your shortlist of names

The last check is to make sure that when you type search terms for your business like “Morgan Butter products” that none of your competitors appear and no dodgy brands or links come up. You will also need to make sure that no products or services belonging to other people have the name you have chosen.
Ask about

Its always a good idea to check the name for feedback with potential customers, friends and family to get a feeling as to whether the name is going to work.
After theses simple steps, you’re pretty much ready to go ahead and finalise your name.

As soon as you have decided, remember the domain name is as important as the company name so get these registered as quickly as possible. This is a service we offer, so if you need help please get in touch by clicking here.

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