Small Business Marketing Ideas

Small Business Marketing GloucesterHere are a few Small Business Marketing Ideas. As a small business owner you may not have the resources of a large brand. However you can still make a strong impact with targeted and creative ideas that will both help you to get your business in front of new potential clients / customers and engage the customers you already have.

Here are a few marketing ideas to help you re-think and open the potential power of your marketing efforts.

Optimize Your Online Presence

If you already have a website and start thinking about ways to optimize it. Your website should be more than a simple couple of pages displaying your telephone number and location. It has the potential and should be the most powerful of your marketing tools. The best websites are those that offer real content… Consider starting a regularly updated blog that offers both updates about your business and other interesting content, such as industry news, ideas observations. This will help you establish a unique point-of-view and further clarifying your brand. Additionally, invite readers to sign up for your email distribution / newsletter or to follow you on social media. Finally, be sure your site is mobile friendly as more and more people are accessing the web via mobile devices and Google has now made this a important requirement.

Be Social

Most businesses now have at the very least a Facebook or Twitter account, but why not expand to Instagram, Pinterest or Google+ to reach a new customer base and further show your creativity and vision? A Google+ page can be highly effective for your local business as it enables special local features on Google search. You can also use these profiles to become active in social communities that are relevant to your service or product.

Build Relationships

Think about what makes your business effective i.e. the opportunity to form close, meaningful relationships with your customers. Small businesses are not stuck behind the layers of professional firewalls. Create a voice for your marketing that is personable and unique, and use that presence to build your online relationships through an email newsletter and strong social media. Start a loyalty program that gives preference to repeat customers, and consider a referral program that honours customers who tell their friends about you.

Think Local

Mobilising your community is still one of the best ways to create buzz. Collaborate with other local non direct competitors to cross-promote or to pair your services as part of local packages. Once you get to know the rhythms of your neighborhood, you’ll be able to craft your brand to more directly meet the needs of the people you’re serving and be able to meet your customers with your marketing message. You will demonstrate a real commitment to making your business integral to the growth of your neighborhood.

Food for Thought

These are just a few small business marketing ideas and tools that can be simple, effective and will help you extend your reach. With a bit of creativity and hard work you can attain the same results as a big marketing firm even without the big resources.

How to create a Newsletter

How to create a Newsletter

Getting a Grip

website design newsletterHow often do you check your email in-box and immediately move items to the recycle bin without even opening them? Your time is precious and you don’t want to waste it reading things you don’t remember signing up for – so how do you go about producing something that someone else will want to read and not just drag and drop into the bin? Well, for starters you will need a subject line that piques your readers interest so go for a statement that gets their attention rather than simply announcing the arrival of ‘Our Newsletter 39’!

Keep it Short and Simple

Unless you are really confident that you have genuinely compelling material that will keep the reader engrossed, keep your newsletters short and regular. A monthly rather than weekly  burst of useful information from you will be easier to digest and less likely to irritate. Of course the  occasional extra issue to announce fire-sales, new products or burning issues is also a great way of keeping your brand and services alive in the minds of your customer and potential customer base.

Hello Good-Looking

Keep your layout simple and clear. Strong headings in a contrasting colour and an easy to read font style will invite the reader to dive in. Adding a bright eye catching image will further enhance the reader experience. Keep a file if newsletters that you have received and liked, and before you bin items from your in-box take another look at them and ask yourself why? – absorbing this information should help you determine what is likely to work for you. Try creating your newsletter quickly, this will help to keep it shorter, sweeter and to the point but do make sure that you take your time editing it!

Reaping the Rewards

If you get it right, the return will be well worth the effort – not only is it a superb way to keep in touch with your existing customers, if they like what you have produced it is likely to be forwarded to their colleagues and friends too making it a marvellously personal and direct way to reach potential customers.

Marketing for the Small Screen – Being Mobile Responsive

Marketing for the Small Screen – Being Mobile Responsive

Mobile Responsive Website Design GloucesterWho waits these days to be sitting at home in front of a screen to spend money on anything when you can buy it, book it, watch it or research it all whilst walking around or sitting on the bus/train simply by using your smartphone?

Every business with any sort of online presence now needs to make sure that its website not only functions but still looks great on a phone sized screen.

In ecommerce news last year, online buying figures announced in Europe indicated that 12% of all online purchases came about via mobiles and that was expected to soar.

Customer Care

Whether customers are trying to find your opening hours, directions to your premises or looking for an online shop you need to ensure a fast response and quick loading time – people on the move won’t wait for slow or unresponsive sites. Not only will slow loading cause customers to look elsewhere, research has shown that they are unlikely to return so it needs to be right first time!

Tablets Too!

Of course these days it is not only phones that are mobile – tablet sales have overtaken laptops so your site needs to sit well, look great and function perfectly on a number of screen sizes from 3.1” to over 10” with varying resolutions.

Just a Few Clicks

Don’t just create a smaller version of your main website either. Think about what people on the move might be looking for – bear in mind that they will be willing to spend less time to find things so a simplified version of your main site with content that can be saved or downloaded and perhaps a callback feature may be more desirable. Beautiful high resolution images, Flash content and slow to load videos need to be scaled back or removed completely. Keep the options down to just a few clicks.


Magpie image Ltd offers a complete Mobile Responsive service click HERE for more information, or contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Google News – websites not mobile-friendly will be dropped down the search rankings

Google Developers Mobile Friendly Test

Google News – websites not mobile-friendly will be dropped down the search rankings

Google will be making major changes to its mobile search algorithm tomorrow the 21 April 2015.

The change is expected to cause massive ripples across the web.

Website that are not mobile friendly (known as mobile responsive) will be dropped down the search rankings and this will dramatically reduce the number of visitors to the site.

You can check whether your website is classed as mobile-friendly by visiting the Google Developers “Mobile-Friendly Test” page HERE >>

If you need help making your website mobile friendly, please click here to contact us

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