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Small Business Digital Media Training

Small Business Digital Media TrainingNow that the majority of small businesses have acknowledged that an online presence is a crucial way of increasing brand awareness and sales opportunities, it has become more important than ever for their staff to be trained, not only to use and enhance digital media, but also to meaningfully analyse and understand its effectiveness.

In order to keep your web presence lively and engaging you or your staff will require the necessary skill-sets, so investing in some good quality digital media training from an experienced practitioner will not only help to keep your website maintenance costs down but will increase your website traffic, digital media confidence and improve brand awareness.

The Training Jungle

Larger commercial centres such as major cities will have a numerous companies offering workshop courses and in house training and there are many college based courses and online ‘e-learning’ courses. For the smaller business however it could be much more cost effective to have some bespoke individually tailored training using your own digital media so, not only will you be mastering a new skill-set, you will be able to correct or adjust problematic or unappealing aspects of your own websites or social media campaigns with the trainer on hand.

Knowing What You Want

Having a clear idea of your requirements will help you to navigate the array of courses on offer. It is also worth looking for a training provider who commits to providing back up and support. Do you for example want to understand how to use Social Media within your marketing, how to set up and maintain a Facebook page or understand how to create a campaign using AdWords?  Are you concerned about the ranking of your website on Google or how to create and maintain a blog or maybe build and update a WordPress website?  Training your staff in best practice digital media and marketing techniques will undoubtedly enable them to give your business a stronger presence in the online marketplace.

Free Twitter Banner PSD Download

Free Twitter Banner PSD Download for Photoshop

To help you get things across on twitter when posting an advertisement of your services, why not use a template made in Photoshop so the artwork appears correctly on all devices every time.

The will get you message over to your public and network much more effectively.

Free Twitter banner PSD download

If you are going to tweet your services on twitter then make sure the advert fits the window

I have created a template for you here – there are a few options and a centre target so you know where the middle is

Download from HERE (zip file) Free Twitter banner PSD download

A Guide to the Colour Replace tool in Photoshop

A Guide to the Colour Replace tool in Photoshop

Here is how to use the colour replace tool in Adobe Photoshop

A Guide to the Colour Replace tool in Photoshop

If you are stuck for an image or photo to use, then please click here HERE to download the photo of the plane. Its in a small zip file

  • First of all open Photoshop and open the photo that you want to change a colour on
  • Once open take a duplicate of the locked layer by either right clicking on the layer or going to the top menu and clicking LAYER | DUPICATE LAYER
  • Now with the new layer highlighted in the layer panel, go to the top menu and click IMAGE | ADJUSTMENTS | REPLACE COLOUR
  • You should now have a control panel in front of you
  • Click on the eye droplet that does not have a + or a – sign by the side of it. It should be the first one on the left
  • Now with the eye droplet, select the colour you want to replace.
  • Now select the fuzziness slider underneath and slide so it captures all the colour without taken over the whole photo. You might want to experiment with this a few times.
  • On the plane photo I selected the yellow and set the fuzziness to about 140
  • Now you will be able see the result in the colour box at the bottom of the control panel
  • You can adjust the sliders to change the colour or pick a colour by clicking on the result box

I hope that you have fun with this

Colour Popping with Letters in Photoshop

Colour Popping with Letters in Photoshop

Colour Popping with Letters in Photoshop Tutorial

Colour Popping with Letters in Photoshop Tutorial

This is a simple fun tutorial of which you can experiment with

First of all when you decide what photo you want to use for this project, make sure you take a backup of it.

  1. Open your chosen photo in Photoshop
  2. Photoshop LayersDuplicate layer by either right clicking on the current layer or going to the main menu at the top and selecting Layers | Duplicate Layer. You will be asked to name the new layer, I called mine BW

  3. With the new layer highlighted in the layer panel go to Image | Adjustments | Black & White. A panel will appear with default settings, so for this tutorial just say OK
  4. Now select from the tool set on the right the horizontal text tool and write what you wish on the photo selecting a font and size and position
  5. Now with the text image layer highlighted, select from the tool set on the right the Magic Wand
  6. Holding the shift key down select all the letters. You should now have ants running round the outside
  7. Now select the BW layer and then click delete on your keyboard or go to the main menu and click Edit | Clear
  8. Now switch off the text image layer or delete it
  9. Finally click Select | Deselect from the main menu to get rid of the ants

I hope that has worked for you. You can use the shape tool instead of text and letters and experiment with also sorts of fonts and photos

Shooting in RAW Explained

Shooting in RAW Explained

As an amateur photographer or professional you should be taking advantage of taking photos in RAW.

RAW is now on most modern cameras whatever its price range.

There are 100’s of advantages using RAW, below is a few to think about.

Shooting in RAW Explained

Easy Correction of Over and Under Exposed Photos

If you are taking large amounts of photos in quick succession at an event or a wedding you are likely to end up with a few exposure issues. Shooting in RAW will make this easy to correct as all the data has been collected and those all important photos will look great.

Better Quality

When a photo is taken in RAW it collects all the data from the senor of the camera giving you the very highest quality image and much better end results.

Greater Detail

Photos taken in RAW give you much more detail to play with in the post editing moments, because RAW captures everything

Levels of Brightness

The levels of brightness in a photo are very important, the more levels the better the photo. A Jpeg image records 256 levels and a RAW image records between 4,096 to 16,384 levels.

Easily Adjust White Balance

With RAW the white balance can be adjusted after the photo has been taken. The white balance and colours are essential to taken great photos and RAW gives you many options.

Post Editing

Using a software product like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom, you will have full control over the editing process in the comfort of your own home or office. The RAW file is a source file of your photo from which you then produce your Jpeg or Tiff image. This means you have many options and an original RAW file as a backup.

We offer Photoshop tuition if you would like to learn more about post editing and RAW.

I hope this helps with making you mind up and giving RAW a go on your next photo shoot. 

Adobe Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

Adobe Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

photoshopHere are a few for the beginner to help with navigation etc

A few of these are windows short cuts too

Control + T  = Transform

Control + N = New

Control + Z = undo

Control + X = Cut

Control + C = Copy

Control + V = Paste

Control + A = Select All

Control + D = Deselect

Control + – = Zoom out

Control + + = Zoom In

Control + 0 = Fit Screen

Control + Alt + I = Image Re-size

Control + S = Save

Control + Shift + Z = Save As

Many more here…..

Thanks for reading…

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