When trying to build up your follower count on twitter, you have a few options.

Building Followers on Twitter

Mass Following

Mass following is following loads of people and taking up your follower limit in a short space of time, then you wait for them to follow back. If they dont follow back then you unfollow and follow new people. This technique has advantages and disadvantages, one advantage is that you can quickly build up your followers, but the disadvantage is that they are less likely to be genuine followers that are interested in your tweets. To avoid this follow people that follow the area of interest your feed is about.

Tweet Often

People dont want to follow inactive and quite twitter timelines, so make sure you tweet often around 5 times a day. Mix it up as well, tweet links to other interesting blogs,respond to polls and retweet! Retweeting is probably the most important tool to building a great follower base, but again don’t go overboard with it because people don’t want to follow a feed that is the same tweets all the time.

Use Hastags

When starting out hashtags can be a great tool to have, people search for hashtags using the twitter search so make the hashtags relevant to your tweet and make them popular hashtags.

Twitter Graphics

Be sure to have interesting and visually stimulating twitter graphics, when other tweeters look at your profile they will automatically look at your graphics and having exciting and original graphics can be key to them following you.

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Thanks for reading and hope this was helpful

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