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Need a NED? (non-executive director)

Need a NED? (non-executive director) Is a NED the best kept secret of a successful business? Many people will have heard of the term non-executive director (NED) but few fully understand what they are, much less what they can potentially do for a small or growing...

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Understanding Phishing

Understanding Phishing and the need for Cyber Essentials Phishing Understanding Phishing and the need for Cyber Essentials Russian high-tech crime investigating company Group-IB have recently reported that cyber criminals have stolen £18.7 million from banks in Russia...

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Choosing a Business Name

Choosing a Business Name When doing the research for your new business name you will need to think carefully for both legal and marketing purposes. A great name could prove to be your most powerful branding tool, so naming your business requires a lot of...

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Our Sci-Fi Future?

Our Sci-Fi Future, Silly or Terrifying? The future is upon us and modern technological developments are now strikingly similar to the science fiction of the past. While we aren’t living in domed cities with flying cars, we’ve got buildings that reach for the heavens,...

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Jump in and try Linux

Don’t be Scared, jump in and try Linux, the waters Lovely! Are you scared to try Linux? You’re not alone! For people bought up who have only ever lived in a “windows” universe it can appear to be an alien concept. If you even know of its existence and many don’t, you...

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National Computer Skills Shortage

According to a report published today by the Parliamentary group "The Science and Technology Committee" there is still a huge number of UK residents without computer skills and this digital skills gap is costing the UK economy £63 billion a year in lost GDP. Report...

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Go fund yourself

Go fund yourself So you have your business idea. Your products and services are desperately straining at the leash waiting to get out there and make you some money. You have done your research and you know that there is a gap in the market wide enough for your...

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Mistakes when Starting a New Business

Mistakes when Starting a New Business Here are a few common mistakes when starting a new business Starting up a new business can often be hard work with things like creating a business plan, finding business premises, advertising, employees and of course raising...

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Business Start Up

Business Start Up Being your own boss can be satisfying and rewarding, however before you jump in with both feet you need to follow a few simple points The Idea You need to think of an idea for your business, something different and unique and you need to think about...

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