A Guide to the Colour Replace tool in Photoshop

Here is how to use the colour replace tool in Adobe Photoshop

A Guide to the Colour Replace tool in Photoshop

If you are stuck for an image or photo to use, then please click here HERE to download the photo of the plane. Its in a small zip file

  • First of all open Photoshop and open the photo that you want to change a colour on
  • Once open take a duplicate of the locked layer by either right clicking on the layer or going to the top menu and clicking LAYER | DUPICATE LAYER
  • Now with the new layer highlighted in the layer panel, go to the top menu and click IMAGE | ADJUSTMENTS | REPLACE COLOUR
  • You should now have a control panel in front of you
  • Click on the eye droplet that does not have a + or a – sign by the side of it. It should be the first one on the left
  • Now with the eye droplet, select the colour you want to replace.
  • Now select the fuzziness slider underneath and slide so it captures all the colour without taken over the whole photo. You might want to experiment with this a few times.
  • On the plane photo I selected the yellow and set the fuzziness to about 140
  • Now you will be able see the result in the colour box at the bottom of the control panel
  • You can adjust the sliders to change the colour or pick a colour by clicking on the result box

I hope that you have fun with this

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