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We are located in the centre of Gloucester and offer digital media and graphic design services including Website Design, SEOGraphic Design and Training. In the course of our 18 years experience we have put together some proficient and professional business services.

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How to create a Newsletter

How to create a Newsletter Getting a Grip How often do you check your email in-box and immediately move items to the recycle bin without even opening them? Your time is precious and you don’t want to waste it reading things you don't remember signing up for – so how...

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Google announces the roll-out of its new “fact-checking” feature to combat fake news

A new label will come up if you search for a news story and a result is returned from a credible fact-checking organization. For a story with this label, an excerpt will come up showing the claim, who has made it, and a fact check of the claim itself. Last year, the...
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What is JavaScript?

What is JavaScript? JavaScript was developed by Netscape and was first released in 1996 with Navigator 2 . JavaScript was the first Web scripting language to be released and is still one of the the most popular scripting languages around. It is designed to work...
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Creating a Professional LinkedIn Profile

Creating a Professional LinkedIn Profile LinkedIn is a perfect networking tool that will help you achieve your professional goals. It’s a great tool to use for your new or mature business, a non-profit making organisation or if you are putting yourself and your CV out...
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Marketing for the Small Screen – Being Mobile Responsive

Marketing for the Small Screen – Being Mobile Responsive Who waits these days to be sitting at home in front of a screen to spend money on anything when you can buy it, book it, watch it or research it all whilst walking around or sitting on the bus/train simply by...
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Free WordPress Themes

Free WordPress Themes Since its inception in 2003, nearly a quarter of all websites worldwide are now built using a WordPress theme so we have put a list of some of the most popular free ones together for you all of which can be found at WordPress.org. Professional...
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Setting Up Your Own WordPress Site

Setting Up Your Own WordPress Site Setting up a free WordPress blog website couldn't be easier – or could it? Sure there are plenty of online WordPress tutorials and advice regarding how to set up and start using your website. However, if you are after a professional...
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Great Images need Great Content

Your online presence is a hugely important marketing tool. You will need some awesome images to invite and inspire your audience, but what about the content? Words matter too. The right words all in the right order! Most Importantly, completely original words not...
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Logo Design

Looking to re brand your business? Then read through these tips on a new logo, it includes information about the different types of logo and also the colours. What is a purpose of a Logo? A logo is what a business is recognized by, it is also often shows the quality...
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Social Media Marketing

Marketing your business is extremely important to creating sales and many people believe that social media will become even more important as time goes on. Here are a few simple and easy tricks to market your business on social media. Facebook Facebook does have a lot...
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Building Followers on Twitter

When trying to build up your follower count on twitter, you have a few options. Mass Following Mass following is following loads of people and taking up your follower limit in a short space of time, then you wait for them to follow back. If they dont follow back then...
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