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We are Gloucester’s go to Website & Graphic Design Agency

We are located in the centre of Gloucester and offer digital media and graphic design services including Website Design, SEOGraphic Design and Training. In the course of our 18 years experience we have put together some proficient and professional business services.

Magpie Image Ltd is a full service website design agency offering affordable website design solutions. Read More >

We offer SEO to power your websites ranking on Google etc. We provide stats so you can see your first page listing is real. Read More >

We can provide all your stationery design needs including logo and marketing and corporate material. Read More >

We are currently running training courses in WordPress, Photoshop and SEO Read More >

Training Courses

Build your own website or start your own blog with this day course Read More >

Invisible on Google? Not getting any website enquiries from your online presence? Try this SEO course. Read More >

Produce art work for print in many different formats including vector. Read More >

An introduction to pixel-perfect control over design and typography. Read More >

Recent Posts…

How to create a Newsletter

How to create a Newsletter Getting a Grip How often do you check your email in-box and immediately move items to the recycle bin without even opening them? Your time is precious and you don’t want to waste it reading things you don't remember signing up for – so how...

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WordPress Tips

WordPress is one of the best website and blog builders in the world, here are some beginner tips Permalinks Wordpress can create silly url's for your posts and pages that include @ and % signs. A little tip is to change the permalinks. Go to Settings -> Permalinks...
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Free WordPress Themes

Free WordPress Themes Since its inception in 2003, nearly a quarter of all websites worldwide are now built using a WordPress theme so we have put a list of some of the most popular free ones together for you all of which can be found at Professional...
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Free Twitter Banner PSD Download

Free Twitter Banner PSD Download for Photoshop To help you get things across on twitter when posting an advertisement of your services, why not use a template made in Photoshop so the artwork appears correctly on all devices every time. The will get you message over...
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XML Explained and XML Sitemaps for Google

XML Explained and XML Sitemaps for Google So what is XML? XML is used to describe data. It focuses on what the data is and not how it looks has with HTML It’s important that you understand and remember the following… XML is not a replacement language for HTML XML is...
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Google announces the roll-out of its new “fact-checking” feature to combat fake news

A new label will come up if you search for a news story and a result is returned from a credible fact-checking organization. For a story with this label, an excerpt will come up showing the claim, who has made it, and a fact check of the claim itself. Last year, the...
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Social Media Marketing

Marketing your business is extremely important to creating sales and many people believe that social media will become even more important as time goes on. Here are a few simple and easy tricks to market your business on social media. Facebook Facebook does have a lot...
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Understanding FTP

Understanding FTP File Transfer Protocol FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It is one of the earliest and best methods of transferring information around the Internet. Most FTP files are stored in "anonymous FTP" directories where anyone has access to them without...
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Marketing for the Small Screen – Being Mobile Responsive

Marketing for the Small Screen – Being Mobile Responsive Who waits these days to be sitting at home in front of a screen to spend money on anything when you can buy it, book it, watch it or research it all whilst walking around or sitting on the bus/train simply by...
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A Formula to a Good Online Presence for your Business

A Formula to a Good Online Presence for your Business If you are setting up a new company or thinking of re-branding your current business, then here is a few things to consider with regards to putting it online. Logo & Corporate Identity It goes without saying...
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Website Design Tips – Part One

Website Design Tips - Part One What are the secrets of super sites? Why do some sites succeed and others fail? More and more Internet business owners are asking themselves these questions. The answers are frequently more obvious than you may think....
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