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Title Tags and Meta Tags for Website SEO

Title Tags and Meta Tags for Website SEO Below is an example of some good meta tags you can use and the title tag to be used on an HTML website You can customise them to your own business and products. There are two different sets to use, one is for the home page and...

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Colour Popping with Letters in Photoshop

Colour Popping with Letters in Photoshop This is a simple fun tutorial of which you can experiment with First of all when you decide what photo you want to use for this project, make sure you take a backup of it. Open your chosen photo in Photoshop Duplicate layer by...

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Shooting in RAW Explained

Shooting in RAW Explained As an amateur photographer or professional you should be taking advantage of taking photos in RAW. RAW is now on most modern cameras whatever its price range. There are 100’s of advantages using RAW, below is a few to think about. Easy...

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Notepad Plus Plus (++) The perfect Code Editor

Notepad Plus Plus (++) The perfect Code Editor Notepad Plus Plus (++) has to be the best Free source code editor you will find. At Magpie Image we use this software on a daily basis for ASPX, ASP, PHP, Java and of course HTML / CSS. Based on the powerful editing...

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Top WordPress Plugins

Top WordPress Plugins After much research and experimenting, these are our current top WordPress Plugins as of January 2015. I intend to keep up dating this list as we discover need plugins that are worth a mention. WP-SpamShield Advanced Access Manager TinyMCE...

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WordPress Tips

WordPress is one of the best website and blog builders in the world, here are some beginner tips Permalinks Wordpress can create silly url's for your posts and pages that include @ and % signs. A little tip is to change the permalinks. Go to Settings -> Permalinks...

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2015 Design Trends

2015 has brought about a few new design trends Flat Design No doubt if your a graphic designer you have probably heard of this design trend, it has many influences from the swiss style and bauhaus. Flat design has become more increasingly popular this year and this is...

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