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We are located in the centre of Gloucester and offer many different digital media services including Website Design, Print Design, Training and IT Solutions. In the course of our 16 years experience we have put together some exceedingly proficient and professional business services.

Website Design

Magpie Image Ltd is a full service website design agency offering affordable website design and development, ecommerce websites and SEO (Website Marketing) solutions. Read More >

Print Design

We can provide all your stationery design needs including logo and marketing and corporate material. Brand awareness is everything. Read More >


We are currently running training courses in WordPress, Photoshop, SEO, Adobe Indesign and Illustrator. Read More >

Go Fund Yourself

So you have your business idea. Your products and services are desperately straining at the leash waiting to get out there and make you some money. You have done your research and you know that there is a gap in the market wide enough for your business to succeed. But...

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Great Images need Great Content

Your online presence is a hugely important marketing tool. You will need some awesome images to invite and inspire your audience, but what about the content? Words matter too. The right words all in the right order! Most Importantly, completely original words not...

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Get Some Top Notch Training

Can’t update your website? You probably already have a company website – but you may be unable to update it yourself which means that you have the potential for a hefty bill every-time you add a new product or service and need the services of a web developer to add...

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National Computer Skills Shortage

According to a report published today by the Parliamentary group 'The Science and Technology Committee' there is still a huge number of UK residents without computer skills and this “digital skills gap is costing the UK economy £63 billion a year in lost GDP. Report...

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Video Marketing for the Small Business

Already identified as the major marketing tool of the future, short videos are fast becoming the must have item in order to acquire new customers and generate massive interest in your product and company. Don't make the mistake that a lot of older marketing managers...

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Security and Choice of Password

Security and Choice of Password According to recent report by Verizon which you can read here , the biggest issue regarding data security is your choice of password and the steps you take to protect it.  With “63% of confirmed data breaches involved weak, default or...

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Understanding FTP

Understanding FTP File Transfer Protocol FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It is one of the earliest and best methods of transferring information around the Internet. Most FTP files are stored in "anonymous FTP" directories where anyone has access to them without...
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Why do you need an Intranet for your Business?

Why do you need an Intranet for your Business? There are a number of reasons why your business could benefit from an Intranet. Intranet systems are becoming more and more popular in companies because they can offer many advantages over other communication platforms....
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Social Media Marketing

Marketing your business is extremely important to creating sales and many people believe that social media will become even more important as time goes on. Here are a few simple and easy tricks to market your business on social media. Facebook Facebook does have a lot...
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Creating an Ecommerce Website

Electronic commerce over the Internet is growing at an ever-increasing rate, with on-line sales already heading for several billion. Many companies are using this new sales channel, and a few retailers now have established major on-line sales sites. If your company is...
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Website Design Tips – Part One

Website Design Tips - Part One What are the secrets of super sites? Why do some sites succeed and others fail? More and more Internet business owners are asking themselves these questions. The answers are frequently more obvious than you may think....
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Small Business Digital Media Training

Small Business Digital Media Training Now that the majority of small businesses have acknowledged that an online presence is a crucial way of increasing brand awareness and sales opportunities, it has become more important than ever for their staff to be trained, not...
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Top Content Plugins for WordPress

Top Content Plugins for WordPress For simple and effective design and content layout try using the following Plugins on your WordPress websites. We often use a combination of plugins so we can get any item wherever we need it. Page Builder by SiteOrigin SiteOrigin...
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Website & Internet Jargon Buster

Website & Internet Jargon Buster Absolute Link This link shows the full URL of the page being linked to. Accessibility Used to describe, in general terms, the degree to which a system is of use to as many people as possible. AdWords The advertisement and link...
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Website Designers – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Website Designers - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly The website design industry has acquired a bad reparation over the past ten years because every tom, dick and harry has started designing and developing websites. Some of the stories I hear and some of the websites I see...
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Colour Popping with Letters in Photoshop

Colour Popping with Letters in Photoshop This is a simple fun tutorial of which you can experiment with First of all when you decide what photo you want to use for this project, make sure you take a backup of it. Open your chosen photo in Photoshop Duplicate layer by...
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