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We are located in the centre of Gloucester and offer digital media and graphic design services including Website Design, SEOGraphic Design and Training. In the course of our 18 years experience we have put together some proficient and professional business services.

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Great Images need Great Content

Your online presence is a hugely important marketing tool. You will need some awesome images to invite and inspire your audience, but what about the content? Words matter too. The right words all in the right order! Most Importantly, completely original words not...

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Get Some Top Notch Training

Can’t update your website? You probably already have a company website – but you may be unable to update it yourself which means that you have the potential for a hefty bill every-time you add a new product or service and need the services of a web developer to add...

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Video Marketing for the Small Business

Already identified as the major marketing tool of the future, short videos are fast becoming the must have item in order to acquire new customers and generate massive interest in your product and company. Don't make the mistake that a lot of older marketing managers...

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Free WordPress Themes

Free WordPress Themes Since its inception in 2003, nearly a quarter of all websites worldwide are now built using a WordPress theme so we have put a list of some of the most popular free ones together for you all of which can be found at WordPress.org. Professional...

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Logo Design

Looking to re brand your business? Then read through these tips on a new logo, it includes information about the different types of logo and also the colours. What is a purpose of a Logo? A logo is what a business is recognized by, it is also often shows the quality...
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Building Followers on Twitter

When trying to build up your follower count on twitter, you have a few options. Mass Following Mass following is following loads of people and taking up your follower limit in a short space of time, then you wait for them to follow back. If they dont follow back then...
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A Guide to the Colour Replace tool in Photoshop

A Guide to the Colour Replace tool in Photoshop Here is how to use the colour replace tool in Adobe Photoshop If you are stuck for an image or photo to use, then please click here HERE to download the photo of the plane. Its in a small zip file First of all open...
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Why do you need an Intranet for your Business?

Why do you need an Intranet for your Business? There are a number of reasons why your business could benefit from an Intranet. Intranet systems are becoming more and more popular in companies because they can offer many advantages over other communication platforms....
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Notepad Plus Plus (++) The perfect Code Editor

Notepad Plus Plus (++) The perfect Code Editor Notepad Plus Plus (++) has to be the best Free source code editor you will find. At Magpie Image we use this software on a daily basis for ASPX, ASP, PHP, Java and of course HTML / CSS. Based on the powerful editing...
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Mozilla Firefox and its Useful Add-ons

Mozilla Firefox and its Useful Add-ons As a website design and development company Magpie Image use most of the Internet browsers available to check that our websites work on them all. The most popular ones being: Google Chrome (currently the most popular) Firefox...
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Website Designers – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Website Designers - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly The website design industry has acquired a bad reparation over the past ten years because every tom, dick and harry has started designing and developing websites. Some of the stories I hear and some of the websites I see...
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The Internet Explained

The Internet Explained / World Wide Web (www) The Internet is a large amount of computers all connected together to create one enormous network. This gives people all over the world the power to communicate easily and pass information to each other in a way that they...
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Google News – websites not mobile-friendly will be dropped down the search rankings

Google News - websites not mobile-friendly will be dropped down the search rankings Google will be making major changes to its mobile search algorithm tomorrow the 21 April 2015. The change is expected to cause massive ripples across the web. Website that are not...
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2015 Design Trends

2015 has brought about a few new design trends Flat Design No doubt if your a graphic designer you have probably heard of this design trend, it has many influences from the swiss style and bauhaus. Flat design has become more increasingly popular this year and this is...
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